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Location: Gurgoan, New Delhi, India
Work: Transfusion Medicine and life sciences
Biographical: CURRICULUM-VITAE Name : Dr. Nabajyoti Choudhury Date of Birth : First December, 1959 Qualification : MBBS (Gauhati); PhD (PGIMER, Chandigarh); MBA (Health Care Services). Present occupation : Senior Consultant, Transfusion Medicine Present Address : Tata Medical Center (TMC), 14 main Arterial Road (EW), New Town, Rajarhat KOLKATA- 700156; INDIA. Tel No: +91-33- 22810175, 22813034 (O); 64587500 (R). Fax No: +91-79- 22811199 Mobile No: +91- 9830997779 Email address: , Experience in : Since January 1986 Transfusion Medicine Publications : Sixty eight Chapters in Book : Eight Research Experience : Fifteen research projects. Thesis supervised : Ten; PhD=1, MD=4, MPhil=1, DNB (Govt. of India)= 4 Invited lecture/Paper presented: One hundred & seventy five (Regional, National & International) Foreign centers visited : Forty five Present job responsibility: 1. To establish Transfusion Medicine dept. in TMC, 2. To start post graduate program (Transfusion Medicine) in TMC 3. To accrediate Transfusion Medicine of TMC as per NABH. 4. To establish BMT program with clinical team of TMC. Past job responsibility : 1. Coordinator of Gujarat Blood Transfusion Services, Gujarat 2. To oversee blood bank accreditation program in Gujarat 3. To develop PG program (Transfusion Medicine) in Gujarat 4. Monitoring & supervision of Blood Storage centers at district & rural level blood banks in Gujarat 5. Supervision of routine services of Transfusion Medicine Dept. of a University (SGPGI, Lucknow) 6. Teaching and guidance of MD and PhD students. 7. Carrying out research in Transfusion Med. Dept. 8. Administrative responsibility in various University committees at diffferent levels. 9. Medical Management of a Regional Blood Center. 10. Senior Post-Graduate (DNB degree) Teacher in Transfusion Med 11. Visiting Professor of Transfusion Medicine dept. of BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad for MD teaching. 12. Chief Coordinator, Plasma Sourcing, Celestial Biological Ltd. Fluency in languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu (spoken), French (basic), Assamese, Gujarati. Awards/Fellowships: 1. “Secretary General” of South Asian Association of Transfusion Medicine (SAATM) from 2004 till date. 2. “Marie Curie” Fellowship awarded by the Commission of the European Union (EU), Brussels from 11th Dec’95 to 10th Oct’96. 3. “Member” of the Expert Advisory panel on Blood Transfusion Medicine of World Health Organization-HQ, Geneva, Switzerland from July 2010 to July 2014. 4. “Technical Officer” in Blood Transfusion Safety/ EHT dept. of World Health Organization (WHO)-HQ, Geneva from 13th Feb’05 to 15th June’05. 5. Member, “Global Collaboration for Blood Safety” organized by the WHO, Geneva for 2004 till date. 6. “Blood Bank Specialists”, Ministry of Health, Govt. of Timor Leste, Global Fund (Under WHO) from 22nd Oct to 28th Dec’07 7. “Consultant”, World Health Organization for strengthening Blood Safety in Indonesia from 15th Oct to 1st Nov’08 8. “Consultant”, United Nation Development Program (UNDP) for strengthening Blood Safety in Maldives from 15th March to 31st March’09. 9. MNAMS (Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences- India), Govt. of India, New Delhi. 10. “Chairperson”, Technical Committee for Blood Banks accreditation by National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH), Quality Council of India (QCI), Govt. of India. From 2006 till date. 11. “Appreciation award” from Indian Society of Blood Transfusion & Immunohematology (ISBTI) during 35th national conference in Hyderabad, India from 12-14th November 2010 12. Founder “Editor” of Asian Journal of Transfusion Science of ISBTI. 13. “Lead Assessor” for Blood Bank Accreditation; NABH, QCI, Govt. of India. 14. “Member” of ‘Global Consultation on 100% Voluntary Non-remunerated Donation of Blood/ Component’ organized by WHO-HQ; IFRC; MoH-Australia at Melbourne, Australia from 9-11th June 2009. 15. “Member” of the “National Blood Transfusion Council” –the Apex Policy making body of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MHFW), Govt. of India from 1999-2002. 16. “Member” of the ‘Technical Resource Group’ on “Blood Safety and Transfusion Services” of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India from1999-2006. 17. “ISBT Travel Fellowship” by the International Society of Blood Transfusion for the year 2000. 18. Member in “Regional Workshop on Quality Management in Blood Transfusion Services in South-East Asian Region” by the WHO at Bangkok for 3 weeks (26th March to 13th April, 2001). 19. “Resource person” for WHO (SEARO) in Transfusion Medicine in India. 20. “Member” of ‘Publication Committee’ of the International Society of Blood Transfusion, Paris, France from 2004-2008. 21. “Technical Expert” for evaluation of equipment for National AIDS Control Organization (Ministry of Health), Govt. of India.
Favourite Publications: Transfusion, Vox Sang, Transfusion Medicine

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