Nadia Dsouza

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Location: India
Work interests: Dr Nadia is a very dedicated and hardworking veterinary graduate, RIVER, Pondicherry with an expertise in fostering improved pet care, along with preventive medicine, examination and surgical skills as and when required and also with an interest to want promote better social, natural, recreational, intellectual and spiritual life among the people
Affiliation/website: Rajiv Gandhi institute of veterinary education and research
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group,Any
Preferred contact language(s): English. Hindi
Contact: 8888797208
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Research Cooperative
24/05/22 05:21:46PM @chief-admin:

Dear Dr Nadia,

Thanks very much for joining us. Let me know if you have any questions, any time.

I have added tags to your profile page. You can change these as you wish.

Best regards, Peter (Admin., Kyoto).


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