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Location: Lucknow
Work interests: Science communication, drug research
Affiliation/website: Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India
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Preferred contact language(s): English
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Location: Lucknow, India
Work: R&D in drugs, science communication
Biographical: PRADEEP K. SRIVASTAVA is a Sr. Scientist in Medicinal & Process Chemistry Division of Central Drug Research Institute Lucknow, India. He is the man who created a new science called “SCIENTOONICS” A scientist by profession is involved in developing technology for the production of various drugs and pharmaceuticals. He did his M.Sc. in Organic chemistry (Kanpur University) and Ph.D. work from Kanpur University. He has got more than 30 years of experience in the area of process chemistry for the development of various synthetic and natural product compounds as drugs and drug intermediates. He is presently working on a drug for Brain Stroke. He is the first person in the world to start a novel concept called “SCIENTOONS” a new class of cartoons, which are based on science in the year 1988. He is the father of SCIENTOONICS, a new branch of science that deals with science communication. He has delivered more than 695 invited lectures so far in India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, USA and Caribbean countries covering more than 24 different topics. HONOURS AND AWARDS NATIONAL: 1."THE OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSON OF INDIA" award given by Indian Junior Chamber. Others include P.T.USHA (Sports), PANKAJ UDHAS (Music), SUDHA CHANDRAN (acting). ASIAN 1."SILVER MEDAL" for the best lecture in the “First Asian Conference on Pharmaceutical Education, Research and Drug Industry” held at National University of Singapore, SINGAPORE. (1988). INTERNATIONAL 1."THE OUTSTANDING YOUNG PERSON OF THE WORLD" award given by JUNIOR CHAMBER INTERNATIONAL (USA) to 10 selected persons of the world, annually. Past Recipients of this award include former US PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY, RICHARD NIXON, DR. HENRY KISSINGER, BENIGNO AQUINO (PHILIPPINES) JACKIE CHAN (HONG KONG, FILMS) and many more. (1990) SPECIAL HONOUR. Singapore based magazine "The Young Scientist" which is read by more than 100,000 children in Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and also India has selected him as the "International Brand Ambassador".
Favourite Publications: Nature, Science Daily News, Scidev, Chemistry International

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A scientist by profession is former Dy. Director (Senior Principal Scientist) in the Medicinal and Process Chemistry Division of CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India. He is...

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Pradeep K Srivastava
12/01/17 02:46:06PM @pradeep-k-srivastava:

 I delivered my 1111th lecture on "BIONICS and Heritage Conservation" in National Research Laboratory for Conservation, {(NRLC) to the participants from UP, West Bengal and Maharashtra in Lucknow. The National Research Laboratory For Conservation Of Cultural Property (NRLC) is a scientific institution of the Ministry Of Culture, Government Of India, dedicated to the Conservation of Cultural Heritage. The NRLC was established in 1976. To achieve the end, NRLC carries out research in materials and methods of Conservation, disseminates Knowledge in Conservation, imparts training in curative Conservation and develops, and Implements programs in the field of preventive Conservation. NRLC also provides Conservation services on a selective basis.


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