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Location: Óbuda University, RKK, KMI, Hungary, Budapest, H-1034 Doberdó st. 6
Work: I'm Environmental Microbiologist and Soil Biotechnologist dealing with the interactions between the microbiomes and the environments e.g., soil for increasing soil quality and saving the soil from pollutants as well as how benefit to used the wastewater sewage sludge in the agriculture. The research area is the microbiome-plant interactions to save food for future.
Biographical: I'm university professor and PhD Program director: Agricultural-, Environmental Microbiology and Soil Biotechnology at Szent István University. I'm working at Óbuda University Faculaty of Light Industry and Environmental Protection Engineering, Instutute of Environmental Protection Engineering, Budapest, Hungary. I was graduated (B.Sc.) in Chemistry and Botany (1978), M.Sc. (1985) in Biology, University Doctor in Agricultural Science in 1987 and in Natural Sci in 1994, Candidate in Biological Sci. in 1994 from the Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, a second Ph.D. in Biological Sci. in 1999. I won the Habilitation degree in 2007 in Environmental Sci. and Professor degree in 2008 from Szent István University. I'm reviewer of many international scientific journals and members in lot of international and national organizations, also I'm the General Seceretory of International Council of Environmental Engineering Education (ICEEE)
Favourite Publications: Environment Agriculture Microbiology Landscape Biology Soil Science Plant and Soil Benedek Szilveszter, Elfoughi Alaeddin, Abdorhim A. Hamed, Bayoumi Hamuda H.E.A.F., Füleky György (2012): Effects of compost application on soil fertility of a Luvisol from Gödöllő (Hungary). Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science, 58 (No. S1.): S103-S106. DOI: 10.1080/03650340.2012.693603 Kampfl, G.Y., K. Kristof, A. Algaidi, H.E.A.F. Bayoumi Hamudab, G. Heltaia. 2007. Study of NOx and CO2 production of cultivated soil in closed microcosm experimental system. Microchem. J. 85:31-38. BAYOUMI HAMUDA et al., 1995. Rhizobium törzsek talajfungicid-érzékenysége. 44. 473–480. BAYOUMI HAMUDA H. E. A. F. et al., 2009. Szennyvíziszap hatása egyes talajtulajdonságokra, a Lycopersicum esculentum L. növekedésére és rizoszféra tulajdonságaira modellkísérletben. 58. 325–342. Bir´o, B., Bayoumi, H.E.A.F., Balazsy, S., Kecskes, M., 1995. Metal sensitivity of some symbiotic N2-fixing bacteria and Pseudomonas strains. Acta Biol. Hung. 46, 9–16. Bayoumi Hamuda H. E. A. F. et al. (1996): The influence of nitrapyrin and sodium azide on the growth and respiration of some Rhizobium strains. Microbiol. Res. 151, 247-251. Bayoumi Hamuda H.E.A.F. - Ligetvári F. (2011): Impacts of municipal sewage sludge on dynamics of organic matter and biological activities in clay loam brown forest soil. Journal of Residual Science & Technology, 8: 143-149.

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Prof. Dr. habil. Hosam B. Hamuda
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