Prof. Dr. Rabah A. Khalil

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Location: University of Mosul, Iraq
Work interests: Physical Chemistry, Surfactants & Colloids, Computational Chemistry, Physical Pharmacy, Wormlike micelles
Affiliation/website: Dept. of Chemistry, College of Science, University of Mosul
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Location: Mosul, Iraq
Work: Physical Chemistry
Favourite Publications: R. A. Khalil and F. J. Hammad, Critical Intermolecular Forces: a new physical insight for the formation of wormlike micelles. J. Chem. Soc. Pakistan, 36(2), 211-220 (2014). R. A. Khalil, A. A. Zarrari, Theoretical estimation of the critical packing parameter of amphiphilic self-assembled aggregates, Applied Surface Science, 318, 85-89 (2014).

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