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Location: New York, United States
Work interests: Deputy Communications Director
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English
Favourite publications: Established the Group in 2002

Shavei Israel

Shavei Israel is a non-profit founded in 2002 by Michael Freund, the former Deputy Communications Director under Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. He is dedicated to reuniting descendants of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel with the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The organization is made up of academics, educators and rabbinical people intent on completing work in accordance with Jewish Law.

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Research Cooperative
04/03/24 02:23:54PM @chief-admin:

At first sight, this organisation does not look like a fit for the Research Cooperative, but I visited the website and found that their aim is to help people in their own personal research into ancestry and tradition. There are many organisations for many cultures who help people in similar ways. I think this kind of citizen science should be accepted under the umbrella of "The Research Cooperative"!

Peter (Admin., Research Cooperative)


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