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Location: Omerga, Maharashtra
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Location: Omerga (India)
Work: Angiosperm Taxonomy, phytochemistry, ethnobotany, Medicinal Botany, Environmental Impact Assessment
Biographical: Dr. Devarkar Vinod Devidas Head, Department of Botany & Research Centre Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji College, Omerga Dist. osmanabad PIN- 413606 Mobile No- +91 9421355073 Fax No - 02475252020

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Dr Akhilesh Kumar
26/06/11 07:59:29PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:

Please visit on my page at Research Cooperative and click on my group "Ethnobotanical Society".

Dr Akhilesh Kumar
26/06/11 03:22:14PM @dr-akhilesh-kumar:

You are invited to join Ethnobotanical Society at my Page on Research Cooperative. EBS isa working group for the establishment of an International Society for the development of Research and Education in the field of Ethnobotany.

05/09/09 11:19:12PM @ashish-pagariya:
Hello sir,How are you sir? Hope everything is fine. I think you are busy in your project work. Hope you will finish it successfully.Have a nice day..
31/08/09 01:50:35PM @ashish-pagariya:
Thank you very much sir for your reply. I am very excited to know about experiences with korkus as you have spent 2-3 yearwith them, as it very difficult to understand them. This also reflects your dedication towards nature. Sir I have no hurry and take your own time for providing me information. I need your guidance for selecting plants for my Ph.D works as you have vast experince about plants in this area. All the best for your project work.Thanikng You,With regardsAshish Pagariya
30/08/09 07:07:47PM @ashish-pagariya:
Dear Sir,Myself Ashish Pagariya, M.Pharm in Pharmacignosy, and currently working as Head of The Department, Oriental College of Pharmacy & Research, Indore. I need a favour from you for doing Research work on the plants from Melghat Area used in different diseases and disorder. Sir I am basically from Ner Parsopant, Yavatmal Dist,Please provide me relevant inforamatiom along with your email address and phone number or mobile number if any.Thanking YouWith Warm Regards,Ashish PagariyaEmail: ashishpagariya@yahoo.com09893607038
Kristina Turner, M.S.
07/05/09 07:50:04AM @kristina-turner-ms:
I submitted a review article that I wrote on gossypol to an online journal. I have it posted on my profile. Let me know what you think.
Nathalie Allain
26/03/09 05:13:13AM @nathalie-allain:
Hello,I see that you researched ethnomedicine. Are the Artemisia species used for medical purposes in India ? I am just back from a field trip in Japan on moxas. I would be interested in knowing if it is used in India as well.
Raghu Bir Bista
21/03/09 09:01:34PM @raghu-bir-bista:
Hello! it is quiet interesting Sir
Kristina Turner, M.S.
18/03/09 05:56:55AM @kristina-turner-ms:
Actually, there are two enantiomers of gossypol, the (+)-enantiomer does not trigger the cytotoxicity and sperm suppression that the (-)-enantiomer causes, but is still biactive and they have separate breakdown pathways, so the (+)-enantiomer is a better candidate for systemic use in humans for medicine. The studies in China and the cancer treatment use racemic mixtures of the enantiomers, so the toxicity is a significant issue. Gossypol is a non-nucleoside retroviral inhibitor of HIV-1, reversible calcineurin inhibitor (it does not need matchmaker proteins like cyclosporin does, so it does not inactivate calcineurin). Gossypol is so bioactive, the (+)-gossypol versus (-)-gossypol research could allow it to be used without causing the toxicity issues.
Kristina Turner, M.S.
17/03/09 02:02:35AM @kristina-turner-ms:
Do you screen plants for antimicrobial and bioactive properties? My graduate research was doing Kirby-Bauer broth microdilution MIC/MBC testing with gossypol/acetic acid against Staphylococcus aureus SH1000 and COL and I got minimal bactericidal concentrations of 250 ug/mL. Gossypol is a cotton terpenoid that is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimalarial, anti-inflammatory, and is currently in phase 1 clinical trials as Ascenta's lead cancer drug AT-101 (gossypol/acetic acid), since gossypol binds to BCL-2 and BCL-XL cell markers and triggers apoptosis.


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