Ayam Victor Singh

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Location: North east India
Work interests: Ethnobiology and pharmacognosy
Affiliation/website: Rajiv Gandhi University
Preferred contact method: Reply to post in blog/forum/group,Any
Preferred contact language(s): English
Contact: Whatsapp and email
Favourite publications: Ethnobiology and pharmacognosy

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Location: Rajiv gandhi university, Rono hills, Arunachal pradesh
Work: Ethnobotany, phytochemistry.
Biographical: english
Favourite Publications: ethnobotany research application, African Journal Food And Nutrition (AJFAND), Pharmacology

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I'm interested in reading other's research publication also to do my own publication and doing research collaborations with others.

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Ayam Victor Singh

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Ayam Victor Singh

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Research Cooperative
07/04/17 08:12:43PM @chief-admin:

Dear AVS,

If you would like to learn about journals that publish work related to ethnobiology, from people who are interested in the subject, please ask in our topic focus group for ethnobiology .

Thanks, Peter (Admin.)

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