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M.Nageeb Rashed
10/07/20 08:19:52PM @mnageeb-rashed:

Call for paper ASWAN Journal

Call for Papers by Aswan University Journal for Environmental Studies
Paper publication: free of charge
This is to officially inform you that the Aswan University Journal for Environmental Studies (AUJES) is currently accepting research and review manuscript for its 2020:Volume 1; Issue 1 .

Manuscript submission to email  

You can visit the journal at for information about   Instruction for authors 

Submission deadline: 30/7/2020

The journal focuses on all areas environmental science, which include but not limited: ecology, environmental pollution, environmental engineering, biodiversity limnology, fresh water biology, environmental geology, ecotoxicology, green chemistry, environmental chemistry, wastewater treatment, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, bioremediation, environmental biotechnology,  plant ecophysiology, animal ecology, microbial ecology, environmental management, algae and phytoplankton.

AUJES is published by Unit of Environmental Studies and Development, Aswan University, Egypt.


Prof.Mohamed Nageeb Rashed

Professor of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

Faculty of Science, Aswan University, Aswan, Egypt

Director of the Unit of Environmental Studies and Development, Aswan University, Egypt.
09/07/18 03:07:29PM @rameshphd2010yahooin:

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am Guest Editing a Special Collection for the journal Measurement and Control on the topic of ‘Intelligence in Data Acquisition and Control Systems’. This journal is Published by SAGE. 

The link for manuscript submission is :  

Aims & Scope: Intelligence in data acquisition and control systems is a broad field that aims to optimize our environmental resources using methods from engineering, mathematics and computer science. Data intelligence techniques plays a critical role in measurement and control process. Recent advances in machining, data management, data modeling, data analysis and artificial intelligence are finding applications in modern era and thus elevating the standards of human life. While the opportunities and challenges co-exist, this special issue is to report advances and processes in data acquisition and control systems. I expect the ideas, technologies and findings reported in the papers to be novel and inspiring. This issue welcomes applied research.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:


        Process parameters Quantification

        Manufacturing Control Systems and Applications

        Automation Processes

        Data Signal Processing

        Artificial Intelligence in Data Analysis

        Computational Fluid Dynamics


Advantages of publishing in the journal Measurement and Control are:

·         Open access means anyone anywhere in the world can read, use and cite your research, which leads to greater visibility and impact, and may encourage collaborations and faster developments in your field

·         You’ll retain more control over and rights to distribute and re-use your intellectual property via the use of Creative Commons licences.

Submission dead line is  : 15.08.2018


 Your research, if accepted after peer review, the usual author page charges requested by SAGE will apply. The Article Processing Charge (APC) currently stands at a discounted price of 600 USD.


If your commitments do not allow submission by the above deadline, I would be happy to consider an alternative date.


Kind regards,

Dr. B. RameshB.E., M.E., Ph.D.,

Associate Professor in Mechanical Engineering,

St. Joseph’s Institute of Technology,

Chennai-600 119. Tamil Nadu. India.,  +91 9840106249  



Peter Gluck
12/05/11 12:01:28AM @peter-gluck:

I dare to think that the New Energy revolution- specifically the Ni-H

Low Energy Nuclear Reaction, developed by Francesco Piantelli and made industrial by Andrea Rossi could be of interest for many of my colleagues here. I am following closely the developments beiing one of the veterans of this area or research. It is info on my personal blog and I am ready to advise all those interested. It is a change of paradigm happening.

See please writings with labels NEW ENERGY on the Ego Out blog.