Liv Bliss

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Location: USA
Work interests: Russian to US English Translation
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English, Russian
Favourite publications: Russian Life; American Translators Association's SlavFile

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Location: Arizona, USA
Work: Russian to US Engish translation -- please contact regarding specializations and rates

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I have a couple of degrees in Russian and am certified in Russian to English translation by the American Translators Association. More importantly, I have been in the translation business for several decades, and I still love every day at the keyboard. As a freelance translator, my preferences lie in fiction (long and short), academic articles and papers (history, literature, religion...), and general-interest texts. I have translated 14 published books (and counting), mostly novels. A selected list of publications is available to you on request along with my resume, which fills in the...

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Liv Bliss
17/01/17 01:44:37AM @liv-bliss:

Hello, Peter, and thank you for your kind note.

I took a look at the site description in Russian. It no longer matches the wording of the English (maybe it never did), but it seems to convey what you would want it to convey. The only thing that really struck me in reading it through was this (fairly literal translation): "To visit the forums, use the main menu in the left section of the page or the search button in the upper right corner" (Для просмотра форумов воспользуйтесь главным меню в левой части страницы или кнопкой поиска в правом верхнем углу). I didn't see a menu on the left, although maybe I was on the wrong page for that.

I have to confess that I'm very unfamiliar with TRC and haven't visited in a long time. And that's quite unfair, since back in 2003, I scored a terrific novel translation project thanks to TRC. The client was in the US and so am I, but we would probably never have met otherwise.

If you'd like to see a full translation of that description, I don't have anything much on my desk for the early part of this week, so I'd be glad to do it.

As to my profile -- I would like to complete and revise the thumbnail that appears to the right under my photo, but I'm not sure how to go about that.

Best regards



Research Cooperative
15/01/17 09:33:51AM @chief-admin:

Greetings from Kyoto -- today with a fresh layer of snow, our first proper snowfall of the winter.

Thanks for revisiting our network.

Please let me know if you have any trouble setting up your profile.

As Admin, I welcome feedback from members so that I can try to make operation of the network easier for everyone.

Our site description in Russian is now very old... I am not sure if it is still OK as a description of the network: see Introduction in Russian

Best regards, Peter (Admin)


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