Donnabel Ilagan Aralar

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Location: Rizal, Philippines
Work: REgulatory Affairs /Biotechnology
Biographical: Donnabel I. Aralar I live in Bilibiran Binangonan, Rizal Philippines 1940. You can contact me @ 09065038799. I have an email adress
Favourite Publications: Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Synthesis in Mouse Spleen Cell is Age Dependent COMPARATIVE MIRU-VNTR PROFILE OF THE LCP TB ISOLATES AND THE WILD TYPE STRAIN H37RV

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Research Cooperative
28/02/12 01:02:03PM @chief-admin:

Dear Donnabel,

A late greeting and welcome to the Research Cooperative.

Our network is designed to help authors and publishers alike, but we do not have any special access to particular journals.

I am trying to encourage journal editors and publishers to join our network and use it to build their own human support networks.

See: journals , publishers

If you have any contact with journal editors, please let them know about our network!

Thanks, Peter


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