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10+  administration, advertising, agronomy, aid, algorithm, alloys, anatomy, ancient, antiquity, aquaculture, aquatic, arid, architecture (RCG), artificial intelligence, art & science (RCG), astronomy, atmospheric, bacteria (bacteriology), bio, biogeography, bioinformatics (RCG), biomedical, biophysics, blood, brain, breeding, capital, carbohydrate, carbon, cardiovascular, ceramics, chicken, chronic, clay, coastal (coast), coatings, collaboration, competition, composition, construction, consumer (consumption), cooperative (cooperatives), corrosion, cosmology, counselling, crystallography, cultivation (cultivated), developmental (developmental biology), diet (dietary), dairy, dental, diabetes, digital, diploma, distribution, diversity, DNA, documents, electronic, electronics, employment, entomology (RCG) epidemiology, equations, ethics (ethical), ethnobiology, ethnography, exhibition, farm (farmer, farming), fashion (fashion & design - RCG), fat, finance, financial, fish (fishing), flora (floristic), forensic, forestry, formal, fruit, fuel, fungi, fuzzy, garden (gardening), gas, genetic engineering, grammar, geochemistry, geology (geological, RCG), geomorphology, geosciences (RCG), GIS, glass, governance, heart, herbal (herb), heritage (heritage management, cultural heritage, historical heritage, intangible heritage, natural heritage), HIV, horticulture, humanities, hydrology, microscopy (microscope), immunology, improvement, indigenous, informatics, innovation (innovation clusters - RCG), intellectual property (copyright & intellectual property - RCG), intelligence, insect (insecticide), internet, investment, isotope (isotopic), journalism, kinetics, laser, leadership, linguistic (language & linguistics - RCG), library, living, livelihood, literacy, literary, logic (logical), machine learning, magnetic, malaria, manufacturing, market, mass, maternal, meat, mental (mental health), methodology, meteorology, military, mineralogy (minerals), mining, museum (museum studies), music (musicology, music & musicology - RCG), neurology (neuroscience, complex systems & neuroscience - RCG),  NGO, nursing (nurse), obstetrics, ocean, oceangraphy (RCG), old, oil, oncology, optical, oral, parasitology, participation, partnership, pattern (pattern recognition), peace, pedagogy, pediatrics, perception, photography, phytochemistry, planetary, plasma, poetry, population, poultry, poverty, practical, prediction, prehistoric, prehistory, protein, radiation (radioactive, radioactivity) radio, radiology, relationships, religion, reproduction (reproductive), rice, rights, risk, sediment, seismic (seismology), semantic, sex (sexual, sexuality, sex work), social network, social networks, space, spectroscopy, sports (sport), stochastic, stress, sun, surgery (surgical), sustainability, synthetic, systematics, taxonomy, teacher education (RCG), telecommunications, textile, thermal, therapy, tourism, trade, transport (transportation, RCG), TV (television), tribology, vectors, veterinary (vet), vibration, video, virology, vision, visual, war, wastewater, weed, well being (wellbeing), welfare, wheat, wireless, wood, word (words), zoology (RCG),

1+ acupuncture, addiction, adolescence, aesthetics, agrichemical, alcohol, archaeobotany, arctic, audio, audiovisual, automotive, barley, birds, bioarchaeology (RCG), bioprocessing, biosafety, cartography, celtic studies (RCG), charity, cinema, circulation, classification, cognition, constitution, cooking, copyright (copyright & intellectual property - RCG), corn, cosmic, craft, crime, criminology, cuisine, cytology (cytological), dance, defence, dementia, democracy, divine, divinity, dog, domestication, DSc, gerontology, happiness, grass, Linux, palaeolithic, pasture, potato, Solanum, sugar, sugarcane, suicide, wine