Instructions (authors & readers)

Welcome to the Working Draft Depository (WDD)

Use the WDD to present your draft text to a private audience. Only Research Cooperative members can join the WDD and see your draft.

Here is how:

Write a short title for the article in the message title, then use the message text to indicate:

1) Subject of the manuscript (e.g. with an abstract of up to 200 words) (a short statement is best here).

2) What kind of help you are seeking (Reading and critical comments on the content? Intensive editing? Quick editing? Suggestions for possible publishers?).

3) Deadlines (if any) for your writing plan.

4) What kind of publication or audience you are aiming for, or a specific publication or audience, if known.


5) Attach your draft manuscript to the message, if you want. You can send your draft to another member later, with your own private email, and the other person's private email, after making contact through our network, and discussing the work in more detail.

NB-authors: The Research Cooperative cannot control what members do with a manuscript after they receive it or download it to their own computer. If this is a worry for you, as author, do not attach the article. 

NB-readers: Do not send an unpublished manuscript to others without the author's permission! If you would like to read a manuscript, and help the author, please contact the author directly. Reply to the author's message in this forum, or click on the authors name, look at the author's profile page, then use the Send message option in the left hand column of the author's profile page.


6) All copyrights belong to the author(s) of each manuscript. The Research Cooperative has no copyright or use rights, other than the right to host the manuscript here, at the author's discretion.

7) Authors may delete their own message, attached documents, and comment thread at any time (after log in). If you cannot see how to do this, ask me, the administrator.

8) The Research Cooperative may delete any or all messages, attached documents, and comment threads at any time, for any reason.

9) The Research Cooperative may manage, moderate, or remove any or all members of this group, at any time, for any reason.

10) This group is an experimental service for authors. It is NOT an archive or publication, and should not be cited as such. We cannot guarantee that authors will receive any response from other members of our network. All responses are voluntary.

11) Authors may invite others to join the group in order to view the documents privately (e.g. by placing an open request for help in our forum for editing help, or in a direct message to another member, and giving the link to your message in the WDD). You can also invite others outside the Research Cooperative to see a message and attachment, and give them the message URL, but they will first see a page asking them to join our network before they can join the group and see your writing,

12) Manuscripts placed in this depository will not be kept indefinitely (one year is our likely maximum).