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We advertise products and services that are potentially relevant for the work of our members. Help us cover running costs by making purchases through the links on this page (see also: 'Who is paying for the network?').

The Research Cooperative invites a smile
The Research Cooperative invites a smile by SynergyCooperative
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Air BnB offers information on affordable homestays worldwide. See all destinations by clicking on the banner ad below.


Good for students and researchers travelling on limited budgets.

See some of the options in Beijing, Dehli, Hanoi, Heidelberg, Hong Kong, Johannesburg, Madison, Paris.

Sort locations by price or recommendation, e.g. London, UK, from $11/night, New York, NY, from $18/night, Rome, Italy, from $11/night


Online computer services

Dropbox (also free) allows us to edit and update documents and folders that are stored on your own computer (one or more) and at an online address that can be reached from anywhere. We can work on a document at any location, and all copies are kept up-to-date.

Book sellers

Abe Books - text books, rare books, science books, international, helps students in the USA buy and sell used textbooks so that they can reduce their university costs. It is a great idea. (Similar to UniversityBooksOnline).

Book reading devices

Educational services - adverts pending

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