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Looking for an academic editor or translator before submitting a paper?  

Editing and translating may be the most-commonly needed services for researchers joining our network.

We recommend four simple steps. Let's take the example of translation:


1. Post a request in our forum for Translation requests (see all forums).

This will only be seen by translators who happen to look at the forum (see 'All forums', under the 'Send' tab in main menu above). Over time, various translators may contact you, depending on the schedule indicated in your request, payment offered (if any), and the subject of the translation.


2. Post a request in our group for Translators (see member occupations for other service groups)

There are many translators in this group, with skills in many different languages. There is a good chance that someone will respond to your request with advice or an offer.


3. Use the Member search functions

'Simple' or 'Advanced" keyword searches can be used to find translators working with particular languages. Read their profiles to see if they have experience close to your needs. Then contact them using their preferred contact method.

For example, with Advanced search, we can enter translation in the 'work area' field, and English, Japanese in the further details area, and find a number of translators. Here is the example search result for these keywords.


4. Choose a focus group to find people with relevant interests.

Post a message explaining your translation needs on the group page, and someone might be able recommend a translator. Or a translator may have already joined the group, and might respond to your request (use the Groups tab and subtabs in main menu above, or go to all groups home ) .


If you begin with Step 1 above, then the unique URL for your request can be copied from your browser and pasted into messages in other places (our network, another network, your own email, etc.). In this way, you can reach more people with the same request.

The URL for this page can be copied and sent to other people who might need help with academic editing, translating, and other services related to research communication and publishing:  http://researchcooperative.org/page/need-help


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