We support... (outreach from the Research Cooperative)

From time to time, the Research Cooperative can lend its name as a supporter to other groups and projects.

Our support may also take the form of membership in another networks, or the creation of link pages inside our network (see Links).

In general, fees or financial support cannot be provided, as the Research Cooperative itself has little financial support.

XIth International Aroid Conference, 11. - 13. Dec. 2013, Hanoi - conference website developed by the Research Cooperative.

Project coordination - communication projects initiated by the Research Cooperative.

Publishers and journals -  supported with dedicated pages and groups inside our network (please enquire if you are an academic, technical or educational publisher or journal).

Hawaiki Nui II - an oceanic voyaging project that combines artistic, cultural, and educational goals.
Wikipedia - click here if you would like to donate:  Support Wikipedia

(See also: support history)