Member interests

Microbiology topics and journals

Members of the Research Cooperative have expressed interest in the following topics, together with microbiology, and in the following journals.

This is just a sample listing, for illustration.


Marine probiotics, marine biology, environmental Microbiology, agricultural microbiology, Drug Control and Research, Microbial fermentation biotechnology using bacteria and actinomycetes for antibiotics production, Environmental Technology/Microbiology, Medical Microbiology, Veterinary Microbiology, Virology, Molecular Diagnostics, qPCR, Sequencing & Bioinformatics, Environmental Microbiology, Taxonomic and functional diversity of soil microorganisms, Archaea diversity, physiology and ecological role in natural environments, Microbial ecology of Arctic soils: nutrient cycling and response to environmental changes, Archaeal virus, Food microbiology, Microbial genetic engineering, Medical/Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Detection and quatification of bacteria, rapid microbiology, Mycobacteria, environmental bacteria, complex sample preparation, Microbiology, Mycology, Chemistry, microbiology, wildlife conservation, aquaculture, biology based research,  virology, vaccine, animal diseases, virus pathogenicity, Microbiology - fermentation - fungi - lactic acid bacteria, Scientific writing and editing, nitrogen fixation, microbiology, genetic diversity, rhizobia, molecular ecology, symbiosis medicago-sinorhizobium, bioremediation, Metabolic engineering, Plant biology, Microbiology, Isoprenoid biology, Isoprene, Genetics/Biotechnology/Microbiology, Food Microbiology, Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Agronomy und Animal Nutrition, Microbiology ruminal, teaching/research, Food microbiology, Food safety, Food preservation, medical microbiology, functional foods, cancer, diabetes, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, diarrhoea, Flavour Chemistry, Dairy microbiology, Cheese starter cultures, Sensory science, Molecular microbiology, Enzymology, Biotechnology, Fermentations, Niochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Nutrigenomics, Environmental Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Microbiology, Molecular epidemiology of zoonotic pathogens, Antimicrobial Resistance, Food Microbiology and safety, Veterinary Public Health, science & environmental journalist: environmental health, climate, earth sciences, microbiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology of Microorganisms, Antimicrobial Resistance, Molecular epidemiology of zoonotic pathogens, Antimicrobial Resistance, Food Microbiology and safety, Veterinary Public Health, 1- Identification of fungi according to their morphological features, PCR technique, identification of pathogenic fungi (Fusarium), fungi as biological control agents for other pathogenic fungi., production of enzymes by pathogenic fungi, Molecular markers for mycotoxin detection, Early diagnosis of plant and animal pathogens, Materials and Engineering, Phytochemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and polymers, Botany, Biology, Microbiology, Paediatric infectious disease, causes of cerebral palsy, sudden unexpected deaths in infancy


EST, International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology, Letters in Applied Microbiology, Journal of General Microbiology, SGM Microbiology Today,  Nexxus news (local science network), Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Nature Biotechnology, Journal of Dairy Science and Technology, Journal of Dairy Science, International Dairy Journal, Journal of Chromatography, Journal of Sensory Science, Journal of Agriculture and Food Science, Miller-McCune Magazine, Science, Environmental Health Perspectives, Environmental Science & Technology, Chemical & Engineering News, Microbe,  Journal of Applied Bacteriology, Bioscene, Economic Botany, Medical Journal of Australia, Acta Paediatrica, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal, The Lancet, Applied Microbiology, Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, Cochrane Review, Emerging Infectious Diseases, Future Medicine, Journal of Infectious Diseases, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Pathology, Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, British Medical Journal, Archives of Disease in Childhood, Applied Microbiology, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, and Paediatric Drugs,