Site map (old version, 2013)

The following site map is preserved here as a record of what the site looked like until the end of 2013. In January 2014, we reorganised the menu and many of the pages. A new site map will be posted when the site organisation is stable again.

PJM, 24st Jan 2014.


Welcome . Take a quick tour of the network with the links below. Later, you can use the main menu above to find the same places. In your own profile page, you can find links to groups that you have joined, and messages you have sent.

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The links below are are based on header tabs and sub-tabs in the main menu (* = sub-tab with content same as the header tab). Content that is not in the main menu is noted at the end.

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ABOUT (English) - All languages (index for 'about' and welcome in many languages) - Arabic - Chinese - Japanese - Korean (needs updating) - Spanish.

SEND - Offer or request (online form; after writing message, select appropriate forum underneath)* - All forums (index for offers & requests) - Example offers (note) - Example requests (note) - Negotiate! (note)

MEET PEOPLE - 7100+ members (main list, with search & sort)* - All occupations (index of groups) - Volunteers (group) - Editors & proofreaders (group) - Translators (group) - Image workshop (group for illustrators, cartographers, photographers etc.).

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MEDIA (guide, index) - Chat - Photo gallery (with search & sort) -Add photos - Video lounge (with search & sort) - Add videos - Co-op news - Short communications (our online publication) - Press centre (group).

PROJECTS -Co-op coordination (group)* - Project coordination (group) - Journals (index of support groups) - Publishers (index of support groups) - Printed matter exchange (group).

NOTES (index) - How to use our site (note) -  SITE MAP (present page) - Currency converters (note) - Country calling codes (note) - What time is it? (note)  - Place names and codes (note) - File formats (note).




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