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The Research Cooperative

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Contact: email = researchcooperative atto gmail dotto com
Favourite publications: Research Cooperative Review (RCR), Short Communications of the Research Cooperative (SCRC)

Research Cooperative languages in 2008

This might not be a complete tally, but with 46 members, on June 18th 2008, the following languages are mentioned in the member profiles.

We obviously need many more members to represent a wider range of languages effectively. We are also seeking volunteers to translate an introduction for our website into other languages.

English 46
Spanish 10
Japanese 5
German 3
Chinese 2
French 2
Hindi 2
Arabic 1
Dutch 1

Greek 0
Hausa 0
Italian 0
Korean 0
Maori 0
Portugese 0
Swahili 0
Tagalog 0
Turkish 0