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Tales of Two Women

Tales of Two Women
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Tales of Two Women by Ann Bayley (2005) Awaruku Press, Torbay (NZ),  576 pp.

Paperback; black and white photographic plates; book weight 880 g.

Designed and typeset by Egan Reid Ltd, Auckland.

ISBN 0-476-01118-3

Book may be "rusticated" with some foxing of pages in storage. Item is one of a limited print run of 200 copies.

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About this book: The book is a survey of the lives of two women living in different centuries but sharing the experience of marriage to dominating men and raising children. It is based on more than ten years of research into oral history, family documents, and public archives. The stories told in 58 short chapters are personal, but reflect the social and cultural history of Europe, USA, and New Zealand from 1844 to 1959, a period in which the modern, industrial world we know today was largely created.