Beniam Tadesse Abdissa

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Location: Sweden
Work: I was a former student of Prof. Teketel Yohannes. He was my advisor while i was studing for my Masters degree in Addis Ababa university in 2007G.C. I am living currently in stockholm. I was disengaged from my field of study for a number of years.But I trying to be involved in some areas related to my field if possible.
Affiliations: I was a former student of Prof. Teketel Yohannes. I am very glad to see his website and would like to join him if i can be useful in some ways.
Contact: Beniam Tadesse Abdissa, C/O Seti Data& IP Telefon, Edvardgrigsgången 7, 16432 Kista, SWEDEN
Biographical: I was a former student of Prf. Teketel and want to be a part of his group. I can provide my CV upon request.