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Innovative business to business (B2B) communication company needs research.

- WE NEED VOLUNTEERS from all over the World.
- We need talented YOUNG Researchers who can contribute to our thinking and want to be part of

our Integrated Concept for Globalization.

Membership of the team is the initial reward. What happens after that will evolve according to your interest, our interest, and our ability to pay for technical and communication support. If you are a novice editor or translator, and succeed in helping us, we can support you by writing a letter of recommendation. This is minimal, but is all that we can offer at this stage. Volunteers can leave the relationship at any time, with no contractual obligations.

For more information about who we are, our vision, and the kinds of help we need, see our website:

Globalization Turns the World Visible and (

For further information,
Contact Us at: PLEASE Copy and Paste and Replace -AT-with @

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