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Leola Hara
Leola Hara
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My name is Leola Hara and I am working as an Intern at the Research Cooperative, and learning how to use the network to gain experience. I am a third year University student studying Science in Vancouver, Canada, and have a strong interest in neuroscience. Here at the Research Cooperative I would like to learn more about writing and publishing by helping others with the process, as a volunteer.

Here I can offer to proofread texts that have been sent back to an author by a publisher, after the basic formatting has been done for an accepted article. You will need to send me the Author guidelines or the link for them, so that I can check that the style is consistent with the guidelines, and check for typos and other technical issues.

Throughout my University experience, I have written undergraduate papers on many different subjects and have helped other students as well, in topics such as cell biology, genetics, physiology, and modern Japanese culture. I am bilingual at the native level in both English and Japanese (speaking and writing) and am confident about proofreading for both languages.

I am not asking for any compensation, and am willing to try helping with proofreading for articles written for biological, medical or social science journals, or posters for meetings... as far as I am able, and time permits.

Please feel free to contact me by a reply to this post, and please see my profile page for my summary CV.

Thank you! 

Leola Hara


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