looking for final lateX proofreading

Martin Rupp
Martin Rupp
11 years ago
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I am looking for someone willing to proofread a math book with regards to the following things:

- punctuation

- english terms

- layout, way the equations are arranged

the book is written using laTex and it is 10% English text 90% equations,.

I am not looking for the English to be perfectbecause there is most of the times only sentences such as: "indeed, and thus, so we have "etc... but making the final book more balanced, maybe centering some contents or making some paragraphs more easy to read.

This would be a 100% lateX job . I wrote all the lateX code myself but I am not too familiar with how to make a book with a very good layout.

I cannot pay too much for the project, something like 100-200$ for 300 pp crow format.


This may be done exercise by exercise as each solution of an exercise isindependent.

You would come after the current final math proofchecks that are currently been done on eachexercises.

With best regards,

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