Isam Eldin H. Elgailani

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Location: Elmanaqil , Algazira
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Location: Saudi Arabia, Albaha, Baljurashi.
Work: spectrometer and chromatographic techniques, trace metals analysis, pharmaceuticals chemistry, environmental pollution analysis, phytochemical analysis, medicinal chemistry.
Affiliations: Faculty of Sciences and Arts at Baljurashi, Albaha University, Saudi Arabia.
Contact: P.O.Box 1988, Albaha.
Biographical: CV PERSONAL DATA: Name : Isam Eldin Hussein Elgailani Nationality : Sudanese Date of Birth : 01/01/1968 Language : Arabic ( mother tongue ) – English ( fluently ) Occupation : Assistant Professor Contact Address (E-mail ): ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS AWARDED: Jan., 2012 : Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry , Graduate College, U. of Khartoum, Sudan. Jan., 1997 : M.Sc. Master in Chemistry , Graduate College,U. of Khartoum , Sudan . May, 1992 : B.Sc. in Chemistry and Botany , F. of Sci. , U. of Khartoum , Sudan. WORK EXPERIENCE : 2012 - present : assistant professor of analytical chemistry at Dept of Chemistry , F. of Science and Arts at Baljurashi , Albaha University , Saudi Arabia. 2006 - 2012 : a lecturer and assistant professor of analytical chemistry at Dept. of Applied & Industrial Chemistry , Faculty of Science , University of Bahry , Sudan 2002 – 2006 : a lecturer of chemistry at Albaha Alahliyya College of Science , K.S.A. 2003 - 2004 : a lecturer ( part- time ) at Baha Community College , Albaha , K.S.A. 1993 – 1997 : Teaching Assistant at Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science ,University of Khartoum , Sudan . TRAINING AND SKILLS GAINED : 2012 : Training on different laboratories - Egypt. 2011 : Training on techniques and applications of ICP-OES and AAS - Egypt. 2010 : Training on X-ray and Laser - Jordan. 2009 : Training on Internal Audit Program for ISO 17025/2005– Egypt. 2005 : Training on Lab Volt F.A.C.E.T Course for Digital Logic , K.S.A MEMBERSHIP : Member , Sudanese Chemical Society. PUBLICATIONS: 1. Elgailani, I. E .H. and Ishak, C. Y. (2015) Determination of Iron Content of Three Common Acacias of Sudan. American Journal of Analytical Chemistry, vol. 6, 933-938. 2. Elgailani, I. E. H. and Elhassan, A. M. (2014) Evaluation of Trace Metals Uptake by Some Plants Close to Some Industrial Zones in Khartoum City. Pakistan Journal of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, vol. 15, no. 2, 82-95. ISSN-1996-918X. 3. Elgailani, I. E .H. and Ishak, C. Y. (2014) Determination of Tannins of Three Common Acacia Species of Sudan. Advances of Chemistry, vol. 2014, Article ID 192708. 4. Egailani, I. E. H. and Elhassan, A. M. (2014) Contaminated Water in Industrial Areas in Khartoum State: Physical-Chemical Properties and Seasonal Variations. Journal of Applied and Industrial Sciences, vol. 2, no. 6, 261-266. ISSN: 2328-4595 (PRINT), ISSN: 2328-4609 (ONLINE). The reason for joining this network is the cooperation with other researcher through this network.
Favourite Publications: American Journal of Analytical Chemistry. Pakistan Journal of Analytical and Environmental Chemistry. Advances in Chemistry. Journal of Applied and Industrial Sciences