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Work interests: Plant Physiology, Forestry, Stable Isotopes, Archaeobotany, Agriculture, Plant breeding, Ecohydrology
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Location: Lleida, Spain
Work: Plant ecophysiology, stable isotopes, archaeobotany, palaeoenvironment, plant breeding
Affiliations: ARAID-Dept. of Forest Sciences, Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón (CITA)

Agronomic conditions in ancient Near East 12,000 years ago

user image 2015-05-18
By: Juan Pedro Ferrio
Posted in: Stable Isotopes

In this study we described the characteristics of agriculture at its beginnings by comparing kernel and wood samples from ancient Near East sites - the birthplace of Western agriculture -- with present day samples. It is the first time that direct evidences enable to know humidity and fertility conditions of crops, as well as the process of cereal domestication developed by humans from the Neolithic (12,000 years ago) to early Roman times (around 2,000 years ago).

Jos L. Araus, Juan P. Ferrio, Jordi Voltas, Mnica Aguilera, Ramn Bux. Agronomic conditions and crop evolution in ancient Near East agriculture. Nature Communications, 2014; 5 DOI: 10.1038/ncomms4953


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