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Work: TOPIC: LEARNING SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION AND METHODOLOGY TO DEVELOPMENT KRIYA CONSERVATION OF INTERNATIONAL MAPPING Keyword: Education, Craft. By: DR. Nining Respati, MPd. A. INTRODUCTION Education in Craft and tradition has achieved much progress. Quantitatively, the progress is shown in the study program level that concentrates Kriya to learning, creating works that contain the form values uniqueness, ulitarian, aesthetic sensibility and community skills. Scope of study includes 'historical sociology of skill, knowledge of materials, techniques and production processes with a special weighting to the phenomenon' (KK Kriya, 2009: 1). Furthermore the study period was enriched by interdisciplinary relationship with the sciences relevant as chemistry, mechanics and physics. Craft courses consist of lines and points of interest Textile ceramic option. Thus qualitatively, the quality of education in the craft and tradition the better, though still far quality standards expected. Efforts to build a quality education away from the craft courses shaped by educational leaders to craft and tradition today has provided a broad positive impact on various aspects of life in society. Difficult to argue that with all the aspects of deficiency and excess for Craft courses and tradition born in the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology last year, education leaders and the Kriya tradition comprising professors, supported by administrative staff and the students have to very hard to build a world of Craft and Tradition of education.
Biographical: CURRICULUM VITAE INDIVIDUAL NOTES: Full Name Dr. Hj Nining Respati, MPd Work Unit Craft And Tradition FSRD-ITB Scientific Group Science and Traditional Craft Ganesa no 11 Street, Home : Complex Jalan Pasir Jati V Block A. No. 160 Rt. 03. Rw. 05 b. Kelurahan / Desa Jati Endah c. Sub: Cilengkrang d. Regency Bandung e. West Java Province Phone : 022 7833483 Mobile : 08112240200 Agency Description a. Height 159 m b. Weight 74 kg c. Long Black Hair d. Oval face shapes e. Skin Color: Yellow
Favourite Publications: I enjoyed: 1. research, because research is the basis for building a science 2. I want to contribute the knowledge I had mastered for the advancement of the world 2. International journal, is a way to know the world scientific community 3. magazine to be known by the whole world, that I really wanted to advance the world