Raghu Bir Bista

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Location: India
Work: Economics-energy, applied economics, international economics, development
Biographical: Raghu Bir Bista is Assistant Professor of Economics at Tribhuvan University, Nepal, where he received his Master’s Degree in Economics in 1996 and his another Master’s Degree in Sociology and Anthropology in 1999. He has done several International courses from different renowned universities such as Post Graduate Course on Critical Perspectives on the New Local politics of Democratization in LDCS from University of Oslo, Norway; A Basic Course on Environmental & Natural Resource Economics from SANDEE, Institute of Policy Studies and World Bank Institute (WBI); A Training Course in Fundamental of Microeconomics for Environmental Economics from SANDEE, Institute of Policy Studies and World Bank Institute (WBI); International Training on Renewable Energy in Local, National and Global Context from IRADe and Ministry of Renewable Energy, the Government of India and Policy Research and Proposal Writing Training from SANDEE, Institute of Policy Studies and World Bank Institute (WBI). Academically, he teaches Policy Economics and Economics of Nepal as well as supervises Master thesis at Postgraduate program at the Department of Economics, Patan Multiple Campus of Tribhuvan University, Nepal where he is an editor of Economic Journal of Development Issues published by his Department. Professionally, he as peer reviewer of governance and corruption tracking survey is associated with Global Integrity, Washington; Akamai University, Hawaii and NOAH, USA as well as researcher in Decentralized World, UK. As member, he is affiliated with Royal Economic Society, UK; Nepal Economic Association, Nepal; Center for Integrated Development Studies, Nepal and North East Council of Social Science Research, India. In Nepal, he has numerous affiliations. As a research consultant on poverty, FDI, globalization, Plan assessment and Gender Based Violence, he has given consulting services to Action Aid; Poverty Monitoring Unit, GTZ; Royal Economic Society, UK; DFID and National Planning Commission, the government of Nepal; Family Planning Association and Center for Integrated Development Studies. In publication side, he has five series of Nepal Year Book from 1998 to 2003 as associate editor. His popular book is Foreign Direct Investment in Nepal published in 2005, which was nominated in ICAS’s Colleague Award in 2007. In national and international journals, he has numerous peer review publications such as VAT and Its Effects on Indo-Nepal Trade and Urban Development in Nepal from India; Aiming higher - the need for cogeneration from UK, Fertilizer Supply in Nepal: Agricultural Development from Singapore and Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal from USA. His present research interests are macroeconomics, international economics, environment economics, policy economics, and FDI, poverty and gender issues.