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Tools for literature search

By: Research Cooperative
Posted in: Literature search

The universe of academic information is constantly expanding, and services to make that information accessible are also expanding:

Google Scholar - this has a wealth of related tools for literature research.  - this portal is special as it can be used with many different languages.


Major publishers or publishing networks

Bioline International - A "not-for-profit scholarly publishing cooperative committed to providing open access to quality research (bioscience) journals published in developing countries" (Open Access).

BioOne Complete - A "full-text database of more than 200 leading journals in the biological, ecological, and environmental sciences"

ScienceDirect - Search portal for peer-reviewed journals, articles, book chapters and open access content published by Elsevier. Find articles from over 3,800 journals and more than 37,000 book titles.

Taylor & Francis Online  - A commercial publisher in all major subject areas. When viewing a journal page, open access content is indicated by an orange unlock icon.