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Looking for a world index of academic journals?

user image 2021-02-05
By: Research Cooperative
Posted in: Academic

Why look for an index?

Well... hopefully someone else has done the hard work of looking through zillions of search results and identifying journals that actually exist, and that can be contacted if necessary.

Let's see. An exact search on "world index of journals" should narrow things down.

Here's what we get:

Google: "No results..." but then there are about 264,000,000 results that are not exact.

No bad. I won't start at the bottom of that list!

The Index Copernicus , based in Warsaw, is at top.

After that there are some journal ranking sites. And some incomplete journal indexing sites that seem to have started and then stopped.

"World list of journals" doesn't lead far either. There is a Wikipedia entry that lists some journals. And a Google snippit highlights this revelation:

"No one knows how many scientific journals there are, but several estimates point to around 30,000, with close to two million articles published each year."

That came from a short and pithy article:

"Too much academic research is being published"

Philip G. Altbach and Hans de Wit, 07 September 2018, University World News .

T here is probably not much more I need to say.

There is No World Index! Just a lot of partial information.

That's OK.

We've survived tens of thousands of years with partial information.

It helps keep us on our toes. We wouldn't need science if we actually knew everything.