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user image 2023-05-21
By: Research Cooperative
Posted in: Academic

I have an unfortunate habit of trying new paid services and then not using them as much as I should.... mostly because (a) there are too many other free and paid services that are constantly catching my attention, (b) I only need to process and use a limited amount of information for my own academic purposes.

Being focused and producing our own new work, while being open to new ideas and information is a difficult balancing act in the present age of media over-abundance.

Nevertheless, I quite often down the pdf packages that offers when I come across a paper in their online archive.

As an information management technique, I try to delete bundled papers that are off-topic immediately, so that I can dig into interesting papers more efficiently at a later date.

The Academia Premium subscription package includes many more benefits than its regular account. These are described below (Internet , 21st May 2023:

Mentions: Learn who cites you. 

Readers: See who interacts with your work. 

Enhanced Analytics: Slice and dice how, when, and where your Academia profile is discovered and viewed. 

Advanced Search: Explore the full text of millions of uploaded papers.

Profile Visitors: Find out types of people who check out your profile. 

Personal Website: A clean, beautiful way to show your presence to the world.

Grants: Search our database of over one thousand grant and fellowship opportunities. 

PDF Packs: download whole groups of related papers to jumpstart your research.  Search Alerts: Stay updated on your research with automatic reports of saved search queries.  Summaries: Get super-summarized versions of papers & save time on research.