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Travel in FY2017

user image 2018-04-14
By: Research Cooperative
Posted in: Fieldwork

In the period April 2017 to March 2018, PJM was able to visit China, India, Thailand, and Vietnam for fieldwork and research discussions.

The main fieldwork areas were Mekong and Red River deltas, Vietnam, and a transect from Guilin to Guangzhou along a tributary of the Pearl River, China.

Wild taro populations were common in each of these river areas, but in each case there were important differences in ecology and uses. From Guilin to Guangzhou, we may have crossed a northern limit for the natural spread of taro, as it is in this region that the winter frost line marks the boundary between tropical and temperate vegetation zones.

Samples collected will be analysed in collaboration with Dr Nguyen Van Dzu (Department of Ethnobotany, Institute for Ecology and Biological Resources, Hanoi) and Dr Chunlin Long (Ethnobotany Laboratory, Minzu University, Beijing).


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