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Location: Brazil
Work interests: Behavioural Ecology, Herpetology, Scientific writing, Reviewing, Editorship, Scientific translation (Portuguese-English).
Preferred contact method: Comment on my profile page
Preferred contact language(s): English, Portuguese
Contact: skyp:abruinje
Favourite publications: Aggression, color signaling, and performance of the male color morphs of a Brazilian lizard (Tropidurus semitaeniatus)

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Research Cooperative
18/04/19 09:43:00PM @chief-admin:

Hi Andre,

Thanks for testing! As Admin. I can delete comments from your page, but I will leave this for you to test as well.

My original intention for "Favourite publications" was for people to list their favourite journals, but it may be more interesting to leave it open as it is: some people might show a specific article title, others might show a range of journal titles.

Or we could show two optional fields, one for "Favourite journal titles" and one for "Favourite article, chapter or book titles".

If you have any opinion about this, try testing the "Private Notes" system under your username (after login) and send me a message. Do find that easy enough to use?

Andre Bruinje
16/04/19 02:41:30AM @abruinje:

Testing comment 1 with italics, bold, underlined. Perfect.


Writing right after entering subheading.


works great


ID var1 var2 var3 var4  
1 12 0 12341 0.00001  
2 12 0 43214 0.001  
3 14 1 21413 0.00000001  
4 53 0 24324 0.01  
5 234 1 43214 0.1  


table works great


Andre Bruinje
16/04/19 02:42:34AM @abruinje:

reply test