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Location: Romania, Bucharest, S6
Work: - Material and equipment for metallurgical plant - Production management - Quality management - Economic management - Business management - Extraction Metallurgy - Science and engineering materials - Optimal Managing of Electric Arc Furnaces - Designing, making and exploitation of the using installation, exploitation and making of all works from the natural gases distribution system (authorized) - Economy of fuel and energy - Design, planning and drawing up of “know-how” for burner - Recovery plants of secondary energy resources - Automation - Environmental protection
Biographical: e-mail CURRICULUM VITAE 1. PERSONAL DATA 1.1 Name, first name : IOANA ADRIAN 1.2 Place and date of birth : CURTEA DE ARGEŞ, 23.10.1958 1.3 Citizenship : ROMANIAN CITIZEN e-mail: 2. STUDIES 2.1. 2004: University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, School of Postgraduate Academic Studies in Management. 2.2. 1990 - 1998: Material and Equipment for Metallurgical plant Department, Science and Engineering Materials Faculty, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest. - title: doctor engineer (1998) - title of the doctoral degree paper: “The electric arc furnaces (EAF) functional and technological performances with the preheating of the load and powder blowing optimisation for the high quality steel processing”. 2.3. 1979 - 1984: Polytechnic Institute Bucharest, Metallurgical Faculty, training Extraction Metallurgy - entrance examination mark: 9,25 - graduation mark: 9,85 (the best graduation mark in my college generation) 3. PROFESIONAL ACTIVITY 3.1. 1998 – present: University “POLITEHNICA” of Bucharest Lecturer Doctor engineer, “Material and Equipment for Metallurgical Plant” Department, and “Materials’ Making and Eco-Metallurgy” Department, The Engineering and Management of Metallic Materials’ Making” Department, Faculty of “Materials Science and Engineering”, University “Politehnica” of Bucharest. I have published 9 speciality books (ex. “Production Management of Metallic Materials Industry. Theory and Applications”, PRINTECH Publishing Bucharest, ISBN 978-973-758-1232, 232 pg., 2007, “Precious Metallic Materials’ Engineering in the Financial – Banking Circuit”, Fair Partners Publishing, Bucharest, 2002, ISBN Code 973-99 985-5-0; “Optimal Managing of Electric Arc Furnaces”, Fair Partners Publishing, Bucharest, 2002, ISBN Code 973-8470-04-8). 3.5. 1986 : POLYTECHNICAL INSTITUTE BUCHAREST, METALLURGICAL FACULTY. I worked as an assistant-engineer in the field of “Technological metallurgical outfits and equipment”, giving lectures concerning theory and practice (laboratory) on “Metallurgical Equipment” and “Metallurgical Automatizations”. 3.6. 1984 - 1986: THE SPECIAL STEEL COMPLEX Târgovişte (C.O.S.T) I worked as a metallurgical engineer in the “Electrical Steel Plant” Department , in the sectors: Preparation-burdening of melting stock, steel making (electric arc furnace), casting, primary heat treatment, conveyance-deliver production; I have 7 patent at the State Office for Invention and Marks (OSIM)-Bucharest I was Secretary of “Authorization and Homologation of Burning Installations Board”, in the “Metallurgical Research Institute (ICEM)”, “Combustion and Energy Economy Laboratory (LECE)”. I am a member of the “ Romanian Engeneers’ General Association” (AGIR) and a honor member of the “Romanian Metallurgy Society” (SRM). I am an authorized 2nd degree specialist of the “Natural Distribution of Gases” (ROMGAZ), in the fields: designing, making and exploitation of the using installation, exploitation and making of all works from the natural gases distribution system (AUT. No. 867R/1997) 5. AWARDS, DECORATIONS 2002: The Diploma and Gold Medal at “The 51th World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technology-EUREKA 2002”, Brussels, Belgium, with the invention “Lance for Post-Combustion”. 1999 : “Henry ford European Conservation Awards – Recognising the Outstanding Contribution to the Conservation of the Natural Environment and Cultural Heritage”, for the paper: “Industrial Burning Systems, Ecologically and Energetically Advanced”. 1996 I got the “GREAT AWARD” of The Romanian Company of Metallurgy (SRM) with the paper: “Economical, ecological and lasting heating systems of metals and non-metallic materials all over the world using the computer and the regenerative burners”.
Favourite Publications: Technical Installations Review Energy Journal Metallurgical Transaction International Metallurgy Academy of Management Journal China Economic Review Environmental Biosafety Research

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