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Location: Tampa, FL
Work interests: Academic Research, Publishing, Editing
Preferred contact method: Any
Preferred contact language(s): English
Favourite publications: Patient Health Record Systems Scope and Functionalities: Literature Review and Future Directions. JMIR 19(11):e388; A study of heat related illness preparedness in homeless veterans. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction 18: 72-74; Factors Associated with Lumbar Fusion Surgery: A Case-Control Study. European Spine Journal, DOI: 10.1007/s00586-016-4591-4; Experiences of Assisted Living Facility Staff in Evacuating and Sheltering Residents during Hurricanes. Current Psychology 34(3): 506-514; Predictors of the Charges for Lumbar Fusion Surgery in Florida Hospitals. Spine 39(23): 1990-95

Publishing Assistants

Dr. Ialynytchev has a doctorate in Health Services Research from the University of South Florida.  Her love of research and writing has driven her to publish her own work while helping others pursue their publishing goals.  After completing her degree and publishing her doctoral work, she began working in a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs research center where she continued to collaborate with fellow researchers on scientific publications and grants.  During this time she began...

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"At Publishing Assistants, we provide comprehensive editing services to students and professionals.  We are here to assist you through all steps of the..."
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Selecting a Peer-Reviewed Journal for Publishing your Manuscript
The peer-reviewed journal you plan to submit your manuscript to for publication should be selected early in the writing process.  Doing so allows you to write your...



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