Cagdas Hakan Aladag

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Location: Turkey
Work: ACADEMIC AREAS OF INTEREST •Artificial Neural Networks •Time Series Forecasting •Fuzzy Time Series •Heuristic algorithms Tabu Search Genetic Algorithms Simulated Annealing •Timetabling Problems •Large Scale Optimization Problems
Biographical: Dr. Cagdas Hakan Aladag Hacettepe University, Faculty of Science Department of Statistics, Beytepe, 06800 Ankara, Turkey web: e-mail:
Favourite Publications: 1) Aladag, C.H., Egrioglu, E., Gunay, S., Basaran, M.A. (2010), Improving weighted information criterion by using optimization, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 233, 2683-2687. 2) Aladag, C.H., Egrioglu, E., Kadilar, C. (2009), Forecasting nonlinear time series with a hybrid methodology, Applied Mathematics Letters, 22, 1467-1470. 3) Aladag, C.H., Hocaoglu, G., Basaran, M.A. (2009), The effect of neighborhood structures on tabu search algorithm in solving course timetabling problem, Expert Systems with Applications, 36, 12349–12356. 4) Aladag, C.H., Basaran, M.A., Egrioglu, E., Yolcu, U. and Uslu, V.R. (2009), Forecasting in high order fuzzy times series by using neural networks to define fuzzy relations, Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 36, Issue 3, 4228–4231. 5) Egrioglu, E., Aladag, C.H., Yolcu, U, Uslu, V.R., Basaran M.A. (2010), Finding an optimal interval length in high order fuzzy time series, Expert Systems with Applications, 37, 5052–5055. 6) Egrioglu, E., Aladag, C.H. and, Gunay, S. (2008), A new model selection strategy in artificial neural network, Applied Mathematics and Computation 195, 591-597.

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