Cetin Gurer

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Location: Philadelphia
Work: Critical Theory, Participatory Democracy, Social Movements, Theories of Social and Political Transformation
Affiliations: Villanova University, PhD Student in Philosophy
Favourite Publications: Radical Philosophy Constellations The Nation Counterpunch Aesthetics and Protest Press Hypatia

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Sam Bradford (Admin)
06/02/14 12:42:12PM @sam-bradford-admin:

Hi Cetin, thanks for joining the site.

I'm a philosophy grad myself, not currently affiliated with any institution. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to put into practice my thoughts on cities, economic organisation and waste(and alsohow to create meaningful work for myself in the process, ha).

The Research Cooperative exists to foster connections between researchers and those they work with, inside and outside the academy. Peter, who created the site, doesn't particularly care how it's used but wants to overcome the general problem of researchers being stuck in silos, unable or afraid to publish, either because they can't find or afford the help they need to make their work publishable or because of gatekeepers real or imagined. So the focus is publishing, but thespace is thereto ask for andto offerany kind of help. So try your luck!


Sam (admin)


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