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100 centennial Issues, and 10,000+ years of scientific learning

By: Research Cooperative
Posted in: Publishing

Today, after reviewing the "Centennial Memorial Issue" of The Journal of Japanese Botany , I've set myself a challenge: locating 100 journals that have published centennial issues, at any time, and through them: 

10,000+ years of scientific learning

Here is the start of my list (IJf=International Journal for, Jo=Journal of, JoT=Journal of The, Pot=Proceedings of the, T=The, TJo=The Journal of, QJo=Quarterly Journal of).

Using "centennial issue" and "journal" as key words, I could reach 4,000 years in one night ( 10th March 2017). So far, there is a clear American (and English-language) bias in the results obtained.

I will add more titles as opportunity permits. Please comment with any additions you can suggest for this!

  1. Accountancy, Jo

  2. Advanced Materials

  3. American Bar Association Journal

  4. American Educational Research Journal

  5. American Journal of Epidemiology

  6. American Journal of Medicine

  7. American Political Science Review

  8. Applied Psychology, Jo

  9. Audio Engineering Society, JoT

  10. Audiology

  11. Astrophysical Journal, T

  12. California Fish and Game

  13. Catholic Historical Review, T

  14. Dairy Science, Jo

  15. Economic Journal

  16. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal

  17. FASEB Journal (Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology)

  18. Harvard Public Health Magazine

  19. Indian Institute of Science, Jot

  20. Institute of Radio Engineers, Pot (now IEEE, Pot )

  21. Japanese Botany, TJo

  22. Mathematical Sciences of the University of Tokyo, Jo ( Kodaira )

  23. Melanie Klein and Object Relations, Jo

  24. Micromechanics and Molecular Physics, Jo

  25. Parasitology, IJf

  26. Phoenix Business Journal, T

  27. Physical Chemistry, TJo

  28. Philippine Law Journal, T

  29. Political Economy, TJo

  30. Psychological Review

  31. Quadrant

  32. Radiology

  33. Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Jo

  34. Review of Research in Education Journal

  35. Rhode Island Medical Journal

  36. Speculative Philosophy, Jo

  37. Speech, QJo

  38. Tennessee State University, TJo

  39. Tohoku Mathematical Journal

  40. Tribology, Jo