Research the (News) Headlines

Research Cooperative
30/05/17 10:42:09PM

Recently I blogged about my newsclipping habit (read, clip, then file and forget).

But today I learned about a serious blog where researchers read news stories and then actually think and write about them. The blog is run by the " Young Academy of Scotland ", a part of the Royal Society of Edinburgh .

The URL sums up what the blog contributors do:

In their own words:

"Research the Headlines addresses the way in which research is discussed and portrayed in the media. Each post will take recent media coverage of a piece of research as a starting point, and will allow readers to get to a better understanding of what was really done, and what it might mean for them, from an expert but independent position...." (Internet, 30th May, 2017:

These guys must be professional newsclipping addicts. They can certainly justify their habits better than I can mine.