Aiming to improve connectivity with profile tags inside our network

Research Cooperative
29/10/17 08:36:02PM

Hello distant colleagues,

As Admin I am always hoping that members will interact with each other more, in order to build connections that may be useful for their work... and the goal of better research communication.

One way I have been trying to do this is by adding relevant tags on profile pages where members have already provided information about themselves. The tags are very effective at going to tagged content throughout the network, including profile pages. Unfortunately, most members do not go as far as tagging their own pages.

Members can always remove or change tags that they don't think are suitable.

And index page for tags across the whole network can be found under the Explore tab in our main menu.

My tagging could be regarded as a kind of unasked-for graffiti, but it is much more constrained than graffiti.

I am not trying to express my own view of anything in the process, and I follow closely what the member has already stated about himself, or herself.

In a sense, this "Podium" thread is the best place for something like graffiti in our network. Images are welcome, as well as words.

Today I created a new version of our Co-op logo... it's another kind of tag.

Perhaps I should be spraying this on university campus walls as part of my (very weak) effort at disruptive innovation (I don't think so).


Back to back, mutual support:  two people with their books - or perhaps they are looking at tablets?