Reviewers as volunteers and how to reward them

Research Cooperative
22/10/21 09:08:21AM

One of the biggest difficulties for serious journals is finding volunteer reviewers with relevant experience and interest who are willing to review submitted papers.

All authors who benefit from reviews and reviewer advice should consider offering to review papers for others. The first and most obvious reward for being a reviewer is seeing useful papers published. But this is often not enough as we all have many interests and obligations, and our time is limited.

The question of how to motivate scholars to undertake review work has led to recent innovations such as Publons and Reviewer Credits. See the links below: - Reviewer Credits is an independent platform to register, certify and reward the efforts of peer reviewers. - Publons is an online network  for authors and publishers that integrates reviewer workflow so reviewing and editorial contributions can be tracked and rewarded.

See also: benefits of volunteering for peer review.