Ideas for this group

Research Cooperative
01/06/08 02:12:48PM
In this group, we can roam freely (with words) around topics related to the services covered (editing, translation, science writing, illustration, and so on), and the subject of research communication in general.We can also look at how membership of the Cooperative is developing over time, and where we could effectively and usefully look for new members. Should we do more to catch the interest of postgraduate research students? How can this site help them develop their owwn directions in research, or around research? Do we need more participation by professional companies offering reliable language services?Eventually, if there is enough interest in a particular topic, such as the pricing of language services around the world, we can set up a separate group for that topic.I wonder if it would be feasible for us to establish an international guide on the costs of academic writing, editing, and publishing?It might require a lot of work, gathering information on costs that are often privately negotiated, in a manner that can be compared across many different currencies and publishing systems