Welcome and invitation

Research Cooperative
08/05/11 10:02:05PM

All are invited to join this group - novice bloggers, expert bloggers, and non-bloggers alike.

Welcome to all.

Blogging is a relatively new approach to science communication. I am hoping that our network will come to play an important role in science blogging.

Blog sites can grow to involve numerous authors, editors, translators, and others.

Research Co-op members who are involved in language services or publishing are also encouraged to introduce blogs related to the work and interests of editors, translators, illustrators, and publishers.

Starting a blog is easy, but gaining readership and maintaining a blog site over a long period is serious work (and sometimes serious fun). Here are some ideas about managing your blog .

The Research Co-op Bloggers, the Research Cooperative forums, and our wider network can help enrich the blogosphere.

If you are not sure where this is heading, try taking a dive INTO THE BLOGOSPHERE !