Discover research blogging through aggregation site

Research Cooperative
21/05/11 10:22:36AM

Aggregation sites are internet sites that bring together information on selected topics from multiple sources. The Research Cooperative is an aggregation site that brings together information about people interested in research and research communication.

Today I learned about an excellent site called .

Their aim is explained as follows (Internet, 21st May 2011).

"Since many blogs combine serious posts with more personal or frivolous posts, our site offers a way to find only the most carefully-crafted posts about cutting-edge research, often written by experts in their respective fields."

The system depends on bloggers registering their blog sites with the organisation, and submitting posts that meet certain guidelines for content and relevance.

The site gives bloggers a way to make the best of their personal writing on research-related topics accessible in an ordered manner, and gives readers a way to follow the otherwise scattered commentary of bloggers on particular research topics.