Help needed for training in writing skills (veterinarians in Africa)

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09/11/12 12:54:20PM

The following comments came to my profile page. Perhaps someone here would like contact the author and learn more?

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At 16:58 on November 2, 2012, Chris Daborn wrote:


Details of the project are on the CVA website . We are piloting in 5 countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Sudan. Most colleagues will have a good command of English [less so in Ethiopia and the Sudan], but not so good at applying themselves to the task of writing a paper. It is in paper writing skills that they will need most mentoring. The technical aspect of their paper will be dealt with by subject matter experts from the Veterinary community

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I am exploring ways in which Veterinary colleagues, particularly those in developing countries can engage in activities that will progress their professional development [CPD]. One approach is to encourage them to write up case studies, review articles or papers that will be peer reviewed and assessed for the number of CPD points awarded. Are there any volunteers who would be willing to mentor the process of writing up case studies, reviews or papers? We would put the contact details of any such volunteers on our website to enable those in-need of help to link with those willing to offer assistance.