Welcome to new member, and link to a new video for Research Cooperative

Research Cooperative
08/01/13 03:19:43PM

Welcome to Anna P., who has just joined our network and this group from New York.

Over the next few weeks I will try to contact more members of our network, to introduce our first Co-op video, made by me to introduce the network at Rocket Hub, a crowd-sourcing site for fund-raising.


Please see the video (for better or worse), and if it is not too bad, please send the link to others!

The video is my first attempt to use iMovie software and was made with a zero budget. Please do not expect to see a formal presentation, impeccable diction, and a man in suit. I did find some nice background music at Wikimedia Commons.

The pages at the Rocket Hub site are works in progress, and the fundraising attempt will last another 70 days. Whatever funds raised, if any, will go entirely to support for the Research Cooperative. Comments here and at Rocket Hub are also welcome.

Anna Poon
11/03/14 11:28:20PM @anna-poon:

I think it would help a lot if we improved and offered more goods which often convinces people to donate.I have traditional art skills and can make advertisement graphics to promote the site. Let me know what you think.

Research Cooperative
11/03/14 02:23:32PM @chief-admin:

Just a brief update, long after the event...

We failed to raise significant funds with this small effort. Our effort was too small!

I lacked both the time and will to push this on my own near colleagues, as there is a general reluctance in academia to spend money on the writing process - not even for their own writing, let on the writing of others.

How to do this better?!


Anna Poon
09/01/13 02:22:12AM @anna-poon:

Thank you for the welcoming. I watched the video, and it gave me a better understanding of Research Cooperative. It's a good informing video.