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Research Cooperative
7 years ago
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Hi Ibrar,

What was your conference about this weekend? Can you forward any email to:  pjmat2009  at  ?

I need a forward with as many of my cc writing contacts as possible as I do not have access to gmail here in Shenzen.

No matter if you cannot reply until next week. 

Thanks, Peter


Peter J. Matthews, Chief Admin.,
The Research Cooperative,
Auckland & Kyoto.

Contact: researchcooperative [at] gmail [dot] com
Ibrar Ahmed
Ibrar Ahmed
7 years ago
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I am interested in establishing a scientific editing service in Pakistan. If anyone would like ask me for help with substantive editing of research papers, please contact me here or with a Private Note through the Research Cooperative.

My areas of expertise are bioinformatics and biology in general.

I am also interested in collaborating with other editors based in Pakistan to form a professional editing circle.

Thank you.

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