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(The following request is cross-posted here at the Research Cooperative with the permission of Pagepress, an open-access publisher).

Open Archaeometry is a new, online-only, international, Open Access peer-reviewed journal which publishes papers about the analysis of archeological materials using analytical techniques borrowed from the physical sciences and engineering.

PAGEPress is a division of MeditGroup ( http://www.meditgroup.eu ), an Italian media company which has been developing services for the international scientific community since 1992.

PAGEPress is now launching a range of peer-reviewed, open access scholarly journals covering several areas of scientific information, such as medicine, biology, zoology and now archaeology, and is creating a team of experts to play key editorial roles.

A new Editor-in-Chief is required and will be crucial to the development of a unique journal style and image which will influence the way new ideas and progress in scientific research in your field is made available to the wider scientific community.

He/she will also be responsible for creating an Editorial Board of no fewer than 15-20 experts in the field. Together the new Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board will review and select manuscripts for online publication on our site.

We are confident that the quality and high ethical standards of our journals can offer a unique service to the international scientific community. Together we can promote scientific advancement and excellence for the benefit of all.

If you are interested in our project, please send us a copy of your curriculum vitae, including your study record and a brief list of your main publications, for our internal evaluation. Our Board will be meeting in next few weeks to select a new Editor-in-Chief.

Visit our website to find out more. http://www.pagepress.org

Candidate profile and job description

The Editor-in-Chief of Open Archaeometry:

* is normally appointed for an initial 2-year term and is accountable to MeditGroup, owner of PAGEPress, through its Publications Committee which will review and monitor his/her performance annually;
will set and oversee Journal strategy and its delivery, and is responsible for its scientific content;
he/she will also be responsible for appointing the Editorial Board;
will set the agenda for and chair meetings of the Editorial Board and Executive Committee (the Executive Committee is an advisory and consultative body comprising staff of MeditGroup, owner of the Journal);
he/she will also be responsible for all academic and other issues relating to scientific matters;
will represent the journal at relevant international scientific and publishing meetings;
will handle complaints through the ad-hoc Publication Ethics Subcommittee;

We are looking for applicants who have:
a clear vision for the future of the journal and who how to achieve it and move forward;
an international track record of scientific excellence who would command the respect of the scientific community and the Editorial Board;
leadership and management skills;
a willingness to commit a significant amount of time to journal issues and work constructively with Publications Office staff;
willingness to engage with new publishing technology;
an ambassador for the journal with a good understanding of current issues in academic society publishing (mainly open access, etc.).

Peter J. Matthews, Chief Admin.,
The Research Cooperative,
Auckland & Kyoto.

Contact: researchcooperative [at] gmail [dot] com

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