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Research Cooperative
Research Cooperative
11 years ago
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Thanks very much for this clearly-stated offer.

For some kinds of communication, fully-professional illustrations are not needed. This offer could be useful (for example) for someone preparing a research seminar, teaching materials for limited distribution within a university, or a conference poster.

Artists can only become professional in a particular area of art (if that is their aim) through practice. This includes not only practice in the art, but also practice in discussing projects with researchers who need an illustration. Researchers, for their part, also need practice in designing and discussing illustrations with illustrators.

One of the aims of the Research Cooperative is to give people wider opportunities to gain experience in all areas related to scientific communication, including scientific art.

Peter J. Matthews, Chief Admin.,
The Research Cooperative,
Auckland & Kyoto.

Contact: researchcooperative [at] gmail [dot] com
Anna Poon
Anna Poon
11 years ago
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My name is Anna, and I am a hobbyist artist rather than a professional artist. However, I would like to put my artistic skills into use for anyone that would want my offer. My strongest area is in traditional illustration--traditional art. Here are some examples of my work:

37_discussions.jpgLeopard by Anna Poon

38_discussions.pngEnglish Short Faced Tumbler by Anna Poon

rock_pigeon_by_rowanasabredancer-d4cg88p.pngRock Pigeon by Anna Poon

You can also email me at apoon33@gmail.com stating your requests. My artistic areas are mostly strong in zoology, but I can try my best to do other scientific arts such as in botany.

-Anna P.

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