Wanted: photos of a market selling many kinds of radish

14 years ago
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Hi all,

I'm planning to make presentation on agro-diversity at "Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting 2010" held in early December.

I am looking for photos of a market selling many kinds of radish.

In Japan, we used to have hundreds kinds of radishes. But today, only one variety represents more than 95% of the market. These changes have happened within only past two-three decades. People in our parents generation enjoyed many varieties of radish. We still know the names but have only rare chances to see them. Our kids generation does not know even the existence of such varieties.

I think that the comparison of photos of markets selling abundant kinds of radish (in any country with radishes) and that of Japanese markets with only one variety will help to show what has been happening.

If you have such photos (showing many varieties of radish in a market) or have a chance to take such photos, I would be grateful for your help. I will acknowledge the source of any photo used, but do not have funds to purchase a photo (use is educational, not for profit).

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